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BTL Biotechno Labs Pvt. Ltd. provide a wide variety of chemicals and services related to DNA, RNA and Proteins to the molecular biologists. BTL Biotechno Labs Pvt. Ltd. is delighted to offer a broad range of molecular biology tools including DNA Isolation Kits, DNA Ligation Kits, PCR Quick Screening Kits, Molecular Biology Enzymes & Enzymes Antibodies, Luciferase Reporter Assay Kits, beta-Galactosidase Staining Kits, Gel Staining/Destaining kits, Virus Precipitation Kits, & siRNA Expression vectors to facilitate your gene expression/gene silencing studies.

Molecular biology techniques are common methods used in genetics, biochemistry, molecular biology, and biophysics to address issues such as:

  •     Identification of genes associated with a wide range of human diseases.
  •    Mechanisms involved in the control of gene expression.
  •    Structural-functional studies of proteins.
  •    Identification of novel disease-specific markers for diagnosis.
  •    Gene therapy strategies for the treatment of human disease.
  •     Engineering cells, e.g. stem cells.
  •    Engineering plants for crop improvements, pathogen resistance etc.
  •     Identify nature & treatment of viral, bacterial & fungal diseases.


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