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[Chinese shoes Network - footwear brand observation] New York time on Friday, the United States, a survey shows: - Tiger Woods is no surprise to become in 2010 the worst advertising spokesperson. The report, "celebrity ad: Exploring the Effectiveness of mystery" (Celebrity Advertisements: Exposing a Myth of Advertising Effectiveness) study shows, for the last year, Woods Nike ad did the worst. & nbsp; This report by research firm Ace Metrix made, designed to measure the effect of TV advertising. It pointed out that Woods Nike TV ad and did not improve advertising effectiveness, actually make it worth a negative growth of 30%. Such a result might surprise most people do not. Woods' career over the past year is the worst year. After numerous mistress exposure, he and Irene's marriage came to an end. His disorderly behavior has led to five sponsors away from him, including Accenture, AT & amp; T, Gatorade, Procter & Gamble and "Golf Digest" magazine. bike rider Armstrong, 2010 has also been a crush of negative reports, because his teammate Floyd - Landis (Floyd Landis) exposure that he had taken doping. Armstrong did for advertising Radio Shack electronics chain, and efficiency is also negative growth of 30%. In this investigation, he was second only to Tiger Woods, ranked second. Ace Metrix company for more than 2,600 television commercials in 2010 were tested, they found that less than 12% of celebrity advertising, efficiency increase of more than the industry average of 10 percent, nearly 20 percent of celebrity advertising effectiveness negative growth of over 10%. Best of endorsers is famous Indianapolis Colts quarterback Peyton - Manning (Peyton Manning). Peyton - Manning MasterCard, Gatorade, Oreo co foamposites for cheap okies endorsers, even though he is the highest ranking among all celebrities one, its advertising effectiveness growth is only 1.5%. Ace Metrix report that Woods's advertising message passed on to consumers more Woods himself, rather than his advertising products, this way, people feel a little confused. "In the end, a lot of loss caused by Woods' endorsements than his endorsement fees." Ace Metrix CEO Peter - Da Boer (Peter Daboll) said, "We do not predict the revival of celebrity I'm sure some people from falling. Among bounce back too, but some people never have another question:? Who celebrity's image in the eyes of all the consumer is restored, or if hardcore fans, whether a particular type of audience he out of touch? Our study demonstrates that even from the best of the situation, arising from celebrity advertising effectiveness is not large. In addition, we also answer the negative side exceeds a positive side. "Nike Kobe 9 NSW version of suspected exposure 2014-02-24 20:58:28 Nike Kobe 9 Elite has just officially released soon, the network will be immediately shed a suspected & nbsp; Kobe NSW version 9. From this spy photos we can see, this shoe with black patent leather toe presentation, with marble lines of shoes, the huge tongue is impressively printed with Kobe's personal Logo. At present we can not determine NSW official version is this is Kobe 9, and you want it to come true it? AAAA x Eric Kot x New Balance H574 shoes Preview 2013-12-08 22:45:57 Eric Kot (Eric Kot), Hong Kong pop culture as a pioneer for many years with major fashion brands have a good partnership. Recently, the network exposed the pair Eric Kot popular brands AAAA joint cooperation sneaker brand New Balance's shoes. Thi cheap jordans for sale s pair of & nbsp; AAAA x Eric Kot x New Balance shoes jointly with H574 basis, using Eric Kot & nbsp; iconic orange main tone, AAAA brand Logo appears above the low-key buckle and shoe laces. This pair of shoes on sale yet no detailed information, please continue to focus our follow-up reports. again recently for its classic PUMA shoes R698 launched a new color series, the designer with mint green and black rendering of the series, shoes wool material with similar materials to build, with the iconic white midsole and as, for us to create a full sense of the trend, but this is definitely not suitable for upper material in such an environment domestic dress, it is learned that the series has landed major shops selling shoes, interested friends may wish to look at it . Nike KD 6 new color exposure 2014-02-24 20:59:05 With Durant high popularity of the enormous market appeal, Nike KD 6 has always been a good market, at the choice of color is also very rich. The recent exposure of the network of a new blue-gray, decorated with geometric patterns consisting of lines on a gray uppers, with striking blue outsole and lining fluorescent color, the overall effect is quite good. It is reported that this color is likely in January next year on sale, please pay attention to the specific circumstances follow-up reports.NBA has launched the Nike playoffs start, Elite series as a play in the playoffs for its star boots. LeBron 9 P.S. Elite recently released a color picture of the south coast, south coast air is different from the previous extensive use of green style, the LeBron 9 P.S. Elite is just in the bottom and laces use green, pink is only appeared in the body of the shoe in the end of the strap and the lining, the most jordans on sale mens he is grey. It can be said is a very low-key south coast color, do not know the new style of the south coast will not be like before the hot shoes. will be listed on June 2nd for $250. (Editor: Chang fan)2003 in October 29th, James began his NBA debut. Although the knight in the ratio of 92 to 106 lost to the king, but James has scored 25 points, 9 assists, 6 rebounds and 4 steals. More surprising is the hit rate of 60%, become the best rookie debut in senior high school. NBA third in the history of the rookie season will get an average of 20 points, 5 assists, "the player. Lead the team to more than 18 games last season. 2005 01, 20, in the knight away 107:101 victory over the pioneers of the game, James got the first three pairs of career, to replace Odom as NBA history to get three pairs of the youngest player. 20 years and 20 days of James Bryant's 27 points, 11 rebounds and 10 assists, Odom's record by 34 days. Final 1 minutes and 19 seconds, James assists Zydrunas Ilgauskas, completed the his 10th assist, and complete the historical mission. "it's never been my a target, but since I have been in close proximity to the record, of course, I also hope that we can break it," after the game James softly said, "to take the game victory and with a triple double. There is no better things than." this year the Cavaliers for the first time since 1998 in the playoffs. season averaged 31.4 points, 7 rebounds, 6.6 assists playoffs averaging 30.8 points, 8.1 rebounds, 5.8 assists in the playoffs, the first round of the team's first round opponent is Washington wizards. James scored 32 points, 11 rebounds and 11 assists in the first game of April 23, 2006. The Knights beat the opponent with 97-86. He is following th Cheap air jordans for sale e JohnnyMcCarthy and Magic Johnson, third players in the first playoff game to get three pairs. The final six games will be eliminated. , as if playing a 2K, 2007 June 1, the NBA Eastern Conference finals game 5 contest, away game combat the Cleveland Cavaliers after two overtime struggle, eventually more than 109 to 107 Lectra Detroit Pistons, thus in the total score of 0 to 2 behind the case with 3 than 2 opponents, away from the finals only a step away. James scored he was a career playoff high 48 points, including the Cavaliers last 30 points in 29 points and led the team after two overtime to more than 107 109 victory over the Detroit Pistons. lost the garden. 2008, May 19th, life and death battle. The Celtics home court 97-92 victory over the defending East champion knight, with a total score of 4-3 Eastern Conference finals qualify for the realignment of the piston. James 28 investment 45 contribution to 14 points. Pearce 23 voted 41 to cut 13 points. The knight of the team in addition to Lebron - James, West - delente only one scored in double figures. 2009 years in May 23rd, the knight at home 96〉3 16 months, a total of 6 games, bringing the tennis shoe foot selection. Paul: Jordan CP3.IX Isaiah Thomas: Nike Kobe XI DeMarcus Cousins: Nike Air Max Paul George: Nike Bismarck Biyombo: Jordan Melo Thaddeus Young: Nike Monta Aaron Gordon: Nike Zoom2015 Air Jordan 7 "Hare" before the appearance of the same kind of exposure, the crocodile vamp is different, this time to smooth leather uppers, white collocation, red dotted details, showing a Hare classic feeling. We are not yet sure of the date of sale, and we will continue to pay attention to it.Air Jordan the latest Wade Cheap foamposites for sale brought 2010 new Dark Knight color, with black grey suede and black charcoal perforated material design, metal silver outsole with translucent red. An independent front sole provides strength and support, while the foot is flexed and free of the limitations of the forefoot. The front sole cover utilizes mesh gaskets to provide comfort and light breathability. The holes ensure the breathability of the basketball shoes and keep the shoes light. In particular the collar of the shoe pad into a separate mold raphe unit, enhance the fit of basketball shoes. The asymmetric collar line design, improve the fit of the ankle. 4 K1 |$G (L s% K5 c& i+! ~ +; p since Axin launched its own brand STAY REAL founded, every move has been fans fans attention, this time launched a limited commodity, together with concern! STAYREAL I know the answer formula and physics and chemistry program, I still can not find the answer, I only know that youth can not be checked, then it is better to let me squeeze out a perfect smile, fight it, download (36.3 KB)& nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; [Chinese shoes Network - News] Reebok brand in the late 1980s and early 1990s "golden age" thing of the past. In 2006, Adidas bought the company, and also replaced the Reebok NBA sponsor status. In 2010, Nike and Reebok took the franchise shirts Football League. The year's most important spokesmen Reebok NBA star Shaquille? O'Neal, now just "all-star" a social media (2011, O'Neal announced his retirement on Twitter). However, deep snow blocked headquartered in South Boston Reebok spectacular, there is a priceless treasure - inflatable sneakers. The sophisticated technology, including strict legal work, so other sports brands - including Nike, are not fully cracked. Reebok sold their first pair of inflatable sports shoes, already it is a matter 26 years ago. Today, it is again an inflatable sneakers Pump as the strategic basis for reversing the long-term weakness in performance. March 4 morning, Reebok introduced a new running shoes, running shoes, this has a seamless mesh upper and thin soles, and other products on the market does not look bad. The difference is, Reebok said inflatable cushion which uses a new technology, production costs lower than the original Pump shoes. This seems again Reebok signed a NBA star, like - but this "star" Some of the older Bale. An example is, just ask a 35-40 year-old American male how to evaluate the Reebok Pump, you are likely to hear such feedback, "They are just available when I was 12 years old, then I think it is the coolest thing in the world, even the Air Jordon also compare Pump. " Jordan Geller is a professional collector, he owns a company called ShoeZeum exhibition hall in Las Vegas, featuring a wide range of coveted sneakers. He said: "This is the only time a complete victory, Nike, Reebok." product innovation, corporate strategy and popular culture have contributed significantly to the popularity of Pump. At the time, with a cushion to protect the foot and ankle is a revolutionary technology that can rival car's airbag. And Paul Litchfield Pump sneakers original project manager, vice president of advanced concepts Reebok introduced the idea borrowed boots and inflatable splint design. Cushion is in Massachusetts Chicopee City, a medical equipment factory. "At that time the heyday of basketball, so we can focus on the development of products to further meet the needs of the athletes." Litchfield said, "We already have a fixed band, adapt to various gadgets systems and hinges, etc., but the idea is ranked in the air the first place. " discovered this opportunity, the Reebok for its new product developed a $ 170 "high price", was almost twice the price of other basketball shoes. However, high prices still brought sales growth. Geller believes that this idea has brought a new progress, rather than a temporary gimmick. At that time, since Michael? Jordan's active, basketball is still in the peak. 1988, Jordan won his first NBA Most Valuable Player award, and the second time in the slam dunk contest won the first prize. But three years later, Reebok signings Di? Brown defeated Jordan in the dunk contest. Brown dunk before each of their shoes are inflated, triggering a frenzied consumer audience. "The players very much welcome this idea," Litchfield said, "The market activity was very intense, every win is significant, especially in victory." within 18 months after the advent of the Reebok Pump sold 4 million pairs of shoes, a record $ 500 million in sales frenzy. At the time, the company's total annual revenues of less than $ 3 billion. Soon, Reebok began to replicate this successful model, the air applied to other sports shoes, including golf, baseball and tennis. However, this did not stop the expansion of Nike. In 1990, when Michael Jordan and the Chicago Bulls begin their three-peat dynasty, Nike in income beyond the Reebok. Soon after, Nike also launched inflatable shoes. At this time, Reebok shift the development focus from the ball games. They acquired a seemingly hopeless companies, including casual shoes brand Rockport and shipbuilding enterprise Boston Whaler. In 1991, when he was chief financial officer of Reebok Paul Duncan said the company's focus is not to beat Nike. "We do not consider myself a sports shoe company." Duncan said, "We are the market company, our brand." Nike easily win the market, when the 2006 Reebok was acquired by Adidas, Nike reached once rival six times. Geller said: "Reebok did not catch up to them have not signed endorsement star, never again produce cool shoes.." However, Pump never disappeared, but on the pitch, they are gradually being lighter and more fashionable shoes replaced. Today, most inflatable Reebok shoes are imitation of the old styles of decades ago. Reebok remained almost twenty years ago, and the size of hard forward, despite their ambitions even more boring. They will re-positioning themselves as a fitness shoe brand, and locked with cross-country race Spartan Race, CrossFit aerobics and kickboxing martial arts competition UFC cooperation. March 4 available means Reebok running shoes cushion began to apply these new sports. This also means that a range of similar products coming to meet with consumers, especially the sole regulator having an inflatable air cushion sneakers. Litchfield viewed this intelligent, adjustable soles will become the darling of the sports shoes sought after by the market. "So we have made some improvements." He said mysteriously. These fine-tuning may give Reebok opportunity to reproduce the 1989 consumption boom again. Despite heavy snow in Massachusetts, Litchfield put this new technology hype, Reebok's marketing team still had to consider: Pump it again really Deus Ex (Chinese shoes Network - the most authoritative and most professional shoe? . News Media Partner: Long faction Men & nbsp; true Australian Kangaroo leather)