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Art Center College student, Nancy Wu, designed this new sleek Women s sandal for Nike as "a part of the Re-Mix & Re-Cut program. The result is; the Nike Womens Gladiator Mid which used inspiration from ancient Roman sandals, the Gladiator Mid is available now in two colorways including a Black leather based one with a White Swoosh as well as a White leather based and Metallic Gold Swoosh colorway. Perfect in time for the Summer time via Colette! 1.jpg (41.8 KB, download number: 0) download attachments saved to the album 2009-5-21 11:12 upload 2.jpg (52.35 KB, download number: 0) download attachments saved to the album 2009-5-21 11:12 upload 3.jpg (48.49 KB, download number: 0) download attachments saved to the album 2009-5-21 11:12 upload 4.jpg (29.81 KB, download number: 0) download attachments saved to the album 2009-5-21 11:12 upload 201082647506393.jpg (46.47 KB, download number: 0) download attachments saved to the album 2010-8-27 08:46 upload 20100826131233393.jpg (42.47 KB, download number: 0) download attachments saved to the album 2010-8-27 08:46 upload 20100826131251809.jpg (75.23 KB, download number: 0) download attachments saved to the album 2010-8-27 08:46 upload 20100826131352399.jpg (54.9 KB, download number: 0) download attachments saved to the album 2010-8-27 08:46 upload 20100826131420131.jpg (83.03 KB, download number: 0) download attachments saved to the album 2010-8-27 08:46 upload 20100826131432821.jpg (87.37 KB, download number: 0) download attachments saved to the album 2010-8-27 08:46 upload 20100826131446627.jpg (69.84 KB, download number: 0) download attachments saved to the album 2010-8-27 08:46 upload 20100826131501226.jpg (98.08 KB, download number: 0) download attachments saved to the album 2010-8-27 08:46 upload 2〉 as the playoffs sta cheap jordans for sale rted, Jordan Brand also for its players launched a version of the air jordan XXX, including Russell & middot thunder. Westbrook, spurs Leonard, wasp Kaminsky. Kaminski did not own the exclusive logo, of course, but have to say he throws a good, previously also take locationsconvenientin, in advance of the foot air jordan 12wings, it is enviably. But the color of the Air Jordan for XXX will not be sold. Source: solecollector in the early morning of October 22, 2006, Li Qi, 29, returned to Sichuan, where he had been away for years. In the Chengdu Railway Station, Li Qi under the train, carrying his luggage to downtown. Turning around in the footwear section of the mall, he found that the origins of the shoes were: Wenzhou, Shenzhen, Guangzhou, Dongguan...... A pair of "made in Sichuan" are not available. Ten years ago, Li Qi worked Sichuan to Dongguan a shoe company, is now a senior shoe industry, heard that "east of the westward movement of shoes" of the news, he immediately returned home from Guangdong, going to find a job related with shoe in the vicinity of Chengdu. "I don't believe Sichuan can't make its own shoes," Li Qi said!" to be exact, Li Qi means that he does not believe that Sichuan cannot make a global top brand. The reality is that Li Qi's words are still looking forward to blessing. an age without brands although the "Chinese women's shoes" of the title was settled in Chengdu in 2006, but the footwear industry in Chengdu did not begin in 2006. Its development process is basically synchronized with China's reform and opening up. More than twenty years, Chengdu shoe industry witnessed the fruits of reform, but also experienced numerous waves. The shoe that survive in this land development is not all good luck, some of them grow up, while others stay forever in the memory, some still retains more than 20 years ago to pattern, th Cheap jordans online air jordan 11 blackout for sale e way of manual mill piaffe. even today, we can still in some shoe shop of Chengdu City Jinhua Town, saw more than a dozen years ago: production workshop filled with all kinds of shoe boxes, printed prominently above, every kind of brightly coloured logo, a low down but not seen "Chinese manufacturing" or "made in Chengdu" any brand. Only those) In order to standardize our shoes number mark and promote the international market of our shoes, we will promote the development and improvement of our shoes industry. National quality and Technical Supervision Bureau in 1998 noon l 16 released our country equivalent to adopt international standard ISO9407: l99l world shoes number, the latest "shoes number" (GB/T3293.1-l998) National standard. The standard was drafted by the China Light Industry Association shoemaking Research Institute, which was prepared by Zhou Jing, Gao Cheng, and Qi Xiaoxia. It has been implemented since L2, 1, l998. The standard is explained and explained by the national shoe Standardization Center, which replaces the shoe number of the original GB3293-82. Any shoes that circulate on the market of our country must mark Chinese shoes number according to this standard. Application of standard shoe size identification method, and discusses the shoes world (Mondopoint) the basic characteristics of naming system of shoes. The standard is infinitely applicable to all types of shoes. The 1. the indefinite meaning of shoes including shoes. Boots, slippers, sandals and all other types of footwear. Between the 3. foot vertical money endpoint the longest toe with the vertical line and the mid point of heel contact the horizontal distance, measured by the average body weight distribution to erect in feet. And wearing shoes and adapt 4. feet around the perimeter of the foot. With the tape measure the first and the fifth metatarsal and interpha cheap air jordans online langeal joint of the first and fifth: the perimeter of metatarsophalangeal joint was cut, when the quantity of tape shall not be too loose or too tight. Measurement and measurement of the same length of foot. 5. feet wide feet around the horizontal plane of projection. Represents the horizontal distance between the two vertical lines in contact with the first and fifth metatarsophalangeal joints. The measurement conditions are the same as those of the foot length. 6. of the normal foot and foot is defined according to the statistical results and anatomical study. The basic characteristics of the standard shoe number system: shoes based on the international system of units (SI), the foot is only used in measuring the international system of units. shoe number system is based on the following two measurements: note: the above provisions does not exclude the use of hem in various stages of footwear. method to determine the size of shoes) 2012-5-24 09:16 upload download attachment (81.66, KB) has just seen a New York giants Black / White / Blue / red color of the Nike Air Speed team Turf Max new color, this time we look at a relatively low-key color of the Nike Air Speed Turf Max gray / black color products, the upper is made of black and grey soft suede and leather material, shoes the classic simple color, dark and low-key color combinations, we seem to be more suitable for autumn wear. If you are not in the summer shoes interested, now choose a pair of boots in autumn! 2012-5-24 09:16 upload and download attachments (124.26 KB) 2012-5-24 09:16 upload and download attachments (127.51 KB) 2012-4-2 11:13 upload and download the attachment (154.33 KB) Forum is one of the last century, in 80s the most popular Adidas basketball shoes, Adidas and Originals FORUM can be said to be representative of the shoe brand, from FIVE TWO 3, FORUM can be said Cheap jordans online to have a flagship status, the Crazy Light is also the first demonstration, many of the details are substantially refurbished Crazy Light basketball shoes vamp SPRINT WEB technology and NBA players are wearing the same, bring free bending impressive and lightweight, the upper main to fit the way, only in key areas reserved suture feature, echoing the original vintage however, FORUM CRAZY; LIGHT features more than that, with open air filling hole mesh trellis collocation, bring very good ventilation effect, the outsole is not simple Chinese and foreign, to retain the integrity of bottom curve FORUM unique, in order to provide better comfort, the bottom is divided into two blocks to heel forefoot, lightweight foam insole is maximized, let all the features of the latest technology and classic success together. This early sale of the two colors are dazzling, one is quite festive red / Black / white color, and one is black / Purple / white color, do you feel like NBA in two teams color? Two shoes are on sale at, and friends like you can watch.& nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; Trade and Industry officials are checking seized counterfeit Nike shoes. 7 o'clock yesterday morning, the Haidian Branch Trade and Industry Branch joint trademark Manjuji police station, Purple Bamboo Industry and Commerce and other departments, to the zoo CCAC market and Guangyuan building three underground warehouse raided and seized counterfeit Adidas, Nike, Jordan sneakers Total 20,862 pairs, the estimated value of the case, more than 12 million yuan. Police investigators said it was the biggest case in recent years, along with selling the Haidian police investigation. The case has been transferred to the police, the merchant Wang has been under criminal detention. the latest issue of honeyee Magazine, which revealed the Nike Sportswear NSW series 2011 spring / summer preview, including sh cheap air jordans oes, clothing, coats and so forth. The bright color of the spindle, the upcoming spring and summer season, including Nike Zoom, Supreme shoes, Court Low, Nike Lunar Orbit, Nike Air Woven Chukka Motion and Teng Yuan Hao fragment design All Court Low joint models, is quite exciting. Converse classic engraved Navy Blue patent leather shoes WTAPS Vans Syndicate joint injection shoes don't limit : a review Converse classic engraved Navy Blue patent leather shoes under paragraph one: WTAPS Vans Syndicate joint limited does not note the shoes Today, novel youths belong with the generation next, even lacking a scrap of hunch spend money on Lebron James Solider Shoes who is perceived as if of showing that he still provides staked his footprints all through the style commerce after having achieved a whole lot but not accepting Virtually any designer of close rank will certainly place on his glory after a critical start at MacKeen Denim jeans. More than a clothes line, ed hardy men is actually, are so unique which there hardly is something also much like it is typically for the reason that Nike Lebron James Solider Shoes are speculate and significantly less an unfamiliar persona for you to approach the mode universe. So, entertain welcome, a very legendary skin image singer that pioneered the particular Tattoo Art phenomenon, which saw them build on the list of reddest-hot brands sported by stars about the ball. Today,Nike is because of the renown world. The designs and also the big medley worn with the new thing to incorporate the 2 clear worlds of Americas and also the surplus of the entire world.And you can find the newest style on our Kobe And KD Shoes website at low price. Lebron James Solider Shoes Are Worhty Of your " /〉 I like this news,and it's fromThe | was ringing source | technology to order (xiangling0815) Since the concept jordan shoes online sale of Ma throws a new retail, under the impact of the Internet "complain incessantly" mall format, have made "new retail" banner, to do the "consumer participation" and "consumer experience". However, from the practice result, and most of them miss the point, the concept than substance. in the summer vacation this year, a "summer Basketball Hall of fame basketball Carnival swept the circle of friends. With the black Chen Chien-chou and Wu You hit a lob dunk, Taikoo Hui Guangzhou into cool basketball hall, the brightest star, Master, trendsetter together, shirts, shoes, a lot of young people has become a common topic in town. (they say you have done very well, how many people expect you to leave the battlefield, slow down or even earlier, nobody told me where to limit someone to win, why not me.) the successful IP marketing is not the first time Guangzhou Taikoo Hui to build consumer experience, in a space of infinite possibilities "under the slogan, the same space, the interpretation of the 2014" Zhen love 383 ", 2015 super car track, 2016 is the embodiment of the elite club, now it has become" for the record "for the basketball museum. Behind this, Taikoo Hui Guangzhou real time and accurate grasp of consumer trends, in-depth insight into the future of the retail industry. 1 a IP IP to the authority of basketball needs, establish precise customer groups, the "experience" of core a marketing campaign, the consumer groups in the most important, more important is that customers need accurate, IP is the core of the experience, but also a main content of scene experience. young fashion has been one of the main target group of Guangzhou Taikoo Hui, with 80, 90 grow mature, they are willing to have the economic strength, culture, a minority of people do not pay interest, they are not only the main consumer groups, it is still the mainstream culture and the spokesman. In this population, health movement has become a fashion trend. 10 years ago, health is a kind of fashion circle, now we found out that everyone started sun sports content in his circle of friends, suddenly become a mainstream health sports and fashion. Basketball, like NBA, IP has been the mainstream popular. in Guangdong has a natural gene Basketball League Viewership, NBA ranked the highest. The basketball teams have CBA tyrannical Guangdong team, celebrities have played NBA Yi Jianlian, fan groups have occupied the national list of "Basketball" search heat, Taikoo Hui Guangzhou faces a very solid basketball "mass foundation". Figure : "Basketball" heat search ranking mentioned basketball, NBA and a series of legend, is a hot topic in hiding. Taikoo Hui Guangzhou through basketball IP captured the hearts of the people, Select 〉 as you know now dominate the circle of friends photos are? In the bag? A little more deliberately! Take delicacy? No creative! Simply a wave HD shoes? To show your high Bigger! Air Jordan 1 OG Retro High "Bred" the same year engraved using recipes, but this year engraved is Nike Swoosh, toe and heel are transformed into blue litchi peel, Xiaobian want to say this color is simply to own charming ah, this pair of shoes have been commercially available in April 1st, do not know you can start? the whole shoe body with white leather making, with pale blue leather, white bottom connected crystal outsole, superior texture and full of sense of vitality instantly created in April 15th, has sold over the same period, and GS version of the debut, you are missing? Have you been in the cupboard or severely treasured? whether material or disclose full details, "72-10" the sense of fashion, from leather shoes to marble texture paint, silver black and white minimalist, outsole milky texture, let people in heart, is also commercially available in April! Flint and white flint color collocation, silver buckles, accompanied by fresh and athletic, in that Air Jordan 12 "Flint" at the end of this year, the sale, if you want to start with a shoe fan to focus attention! This is the Air Jordan 13 this year will launch 20th anniversary, relatively more shoes, the "Flint" as the first classic shoes, of course, perfect regression, gray and blue, with a green classic leopard eye, full of vitality, this Air Jordan 13 "Flint" in the September 2nd market, small partners are impatient for it! black leather soles to build, white leopard claw embellishment, the upper holographic Panther eye create a full color with a murderous, and other difference is that the red tongue Jumpman Logo, with a yellow circle embroidery package, this ultra high popularity color strong return next month! from head to foot, from left to right, wearing the shoes a few street, just a pair of colorful pressure can the whole street, do you think? I am AJ shoes obsessed lovers, if you also love AJ shoes, start from here, we work together to defend your favorite AJ series, so that every step began jumping! Want to know more about the trend of Air Jordan information, welcome to search [AJpro23]! the Chicago area animal husbandry industry is well developed, built a team with the red bull as a logo, and nearly 50 years has never been the slightest change. This record the glorious history of the 1990s the greatest teams and Jordan, not a bit superfluous corners of the red cow, even over the next ten years, twenty years, probably wouldn't have people dare to say that he had been out of date. to tell you the truth, the Lakers' team was slightly mediocre, and the reason for the Lakers is because the construction team Minneapolis is a multi Lake area. First time to replace the team logo for 60 years, in the wake of up to ten years has been to suppress the hated Celtics, but it is the golden basketball with purple Lakers classic design with the Lakers through five crown in the 1980s, the 21st century five crown of glory days and spread so far, in, and Staples Center Yi Yi is unripe brightness. if the Lakers team logo design is the doctrine of the mean, the Celtics early logo is simply wonderful, except for the first Vintage clover design fair, after two logo although the Celtics history most glorious period, but design really dare not flatter. Until today, makeover team logo with 17 championship gold cup in the hand, seems to be synonymous with the historical accumulation and profound cultural foundation. the NBA as the earliest one of the eight teams, and the NBA in only three of (the Celtics, the Lakers, Philadelphia), 76 people have no less than the Lakers and Celtics history. Both Lake Kay hegemony of 60 and 80 or Kobe headed 21st century, 76 person of team with people with their own legend, the 1960s they Chamberlain. In the 1980s have, "Dr. J", the 21st century is the answer. And the initial reference of the Star Spangled Banner classic design can be described as not a classic, but true for everyone to leave deep impression is afraid of the pinnacle of AI that decade logo design. But 2009 is also make only superficial changes to recover the original simplicity, classic. is also one of the eight NBA veteran team, the Knicks are NBA only has never changed the arena team. From the early of George & middot; McCann later Chamberlain, Russell, to Jordan in the 1990s, Miller, then now Kobe and LeBron, Madison Square Garden witnessed the countless was the birth of a legend, which is a basketball Mecca. Its team history Logo prototype for 50 years, after the lakers. we made the news, never care about what you do not see finished, there is also a WeChat micro-blog, search Dunkhome, shoes news anytime, anywhere.